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Zoom H4n Pro, Audio Recorder

Zoom H4n Pro, Audio Recorder

Zoom H4n Pro, Audio Recorder

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A professional-grade audio recorder that can record 4 separate audio tracks from multiple inputs. You can use the onboard microphone or connect up to two additional input sources. You can also use a USB connection to record directly to your computer.


  1. Zoom H4n Pro recorder
  2. SD memory card, already installed (SanDisk Ultra, 32 GB)
  3. Two (2) AA batteries, already installed (rechargeable Ni-MH)
  4. Battery charger (Duracell)
  5. USB cable, for file transferring (Mini-USB to USB-A)
  6. Manufacturer's operation manual
  7. Plastic container (Zoom)
  8. Carrying case

Required (Not Included)

  1. Access to computer that has
    1. Windows or macOS operating system, and
    2. USB-A port or SD-card slot

User Manual

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