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Oculus Quest, VR Headset & Controllers

Oculus Quest, VR Headset & Controllers

Oculus Quest

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These headsets make virtual reality portable with their all-in-one solution including six degrees of freedom, motion-detecting hand controls, and integrated audio. With the Oculus Link software, they can be tethered to high-end PCs to experience a full range of PCVR applications.


  1. Oculus Quest VR headset
  2. Headset spacer for eyeglass-wearers, already installed
  3. Two (2) Quest Touch controllers
  4. Two (2) AA batteries, already installed (rechargeable Ni-MH)
  5. Quest charger, consisting of
    1. Power adapter (USB-C port, 15 W)
    2. Charging cable (USB-C to USB-C, 8 ft)
  6. Microfibre cleaning cloth
  7. Carrying case

Required (Not Included)

  1. If not using MCL's Meta account,
    1. Meta account for setup
    2. Mobile device (Android or iOS) for setup
    3. Oculus app for setup
    4. Wi-Fi connection for setup
  2. Eyeglass-wearers: Frames less than 142 mm (5.59 in) wide and less than 50 mm (1.97 in) tall 
  3. Indoor space where you can freely move outstretched limbs in all directions

User Manual

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